Springfield Confidential: Jokes, Secrets, and Outright Lies from a Lifetime Writing for The Simpsons (Mike Reiss, Matthew Klickstein)

A peek into the world of comedy writing, animation, television production, world travel and more by Mike Reiss. This guy has been around since the beginning of the Simpsons show and has a lot of fun and funny stories to share.
Whether you’re a die hard fan, a casual watcher, or not really into the Simpsons (who?!), everybody can get some laughs from the book while learning how this animated show is made. Despite the jokes about the writer’s room (people sleeping or doing crosswords all day) it’s awesome to see how much work really goes into the writing for this specific show because the author and his writing partner are so dedicated to getting the joke just right every time.
I’ve hardly known TV without the Simpsons being part of it so reading this book has me digging through boxes in the basement for early season Simpsons DVDs…time to revisit some classics!
Thanks so much to goodreads and Dey Street Books for the advanced copy of this book.


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Mary C. Arthur

I really enjoyed reading this book. thank you for this book, I really appreciate it.

Alex M. Hahn
Alex M. Hahn

Oh, my lord, This book is really underrated. Should be
read by every Simpsons fans. It has lots of information
about the classic show.If you like comedy and humour this book
is for you